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Lydkunst: Sound Stage på søndag

På søndag er der Sound Stage på Literaturhaus i Møllegade. Her er hovednavnet den interessante schweiziske lydkunstner Ralph Steinbrüchl. Derudover optræder de danske lydkunstnere Tobias Kirstein/Sune T.B. Nielsen og Harald me. Viuff. (Se mere nedenfor)

Jeg leverer baggrundsmusikken til indledning og i pauserne i form af en playlist med elektronisk musik med vægten på nyere electronica, men også med enkelte historiske værker, under overskriften "Cuts, texture, atmosphere". Playlisten udvikler sig sig gradvist fra stammende collager over mere tekstur-orienteret musik for at ende i den ambiente ende med minimal atmosfæremusik.

Se mere om arrangementet og de optrædende lydkunstnere her:

Ralph Steinbrüchel
Tobias Kirstein / Sune T.B. Nielsen aka lights people
Harald me. Viuff
With a play list of selected audio works by Torben Sangild

Continuing the Sound Stage series, Errant Bodies presents Swiss-artist Ralph Steinbrüchel working in the field of digital composition. Working as a musician and graphic designer, Steinbrüchel's practice is marked by an innovative use of atmospheric sound, weaving conceptual sensibility into the formation of sonorous constructions. For Sound Stage, Steinbrüchel will present new compositions originally developed for an interactive dance theatre group in Italy.

In addition, Tobias Kirstein / Sune T.B. Nielsen, a duo constructing sound work with electronics and electricity, will present a performance, and Harald me. Viuff, working with innovative digital systems will present pieces developed from poly-rhythmic structures.

Torben Sangild will frame the event through a selection of audio works by a variety of artists working within the context of electronica.

12 February 2006, 19.30
Møllegade 7 København N


Errant Bodies

Ralph Steinbrüchel's musical work deals mainly with the texture and atmosphere of sound. The sounds one hears in his music form both intricate patterns and spacious landscapes. Steinbrüchels compositions and conceptual arrangements connect him to the genre of New Music rather than club music, locating his work more in the realm of digital sound art. Ralph Steinbrüchel, born in 1969, studied Communication Design at Central Saint Martins School in London, where he acquired a Masters of Arts and Design with distinction. He now lives and works as a musician and graphic designer in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2002 his composition «zwischen.raum» (Domizil15, Zurich, 2002) was distinguished with the Max Brand Award for Electronic Music (phonoTAKTIK.02 Festival, New York). In the same year he received a compositional scholarship from "Pro Helvetia", Arts Council of Switzerland, to work on his release «circa» (Line_012, New York, 2003). In March 2004 the Mini CD-Rom «-00:dedaih», which contains an audio/visual installation by steinbrüchel/brusa, was published on the label synchron (sync03). In the fall of 2004 his second solo cd «skizzen» (Binemusic, Bine 006CD) and the collaboration «ATAK004» with Kim Cascone (USA) and Jason Kahn (CH) were also released.

Tobias Kirstein (f. 1972) Concept developer. Educated in History and Philosophy. Works in the field of sound with a focus on energy, power and especially electricity. Have made sound installations, numerous freeform activities, music for dance performances, and compositions for jazz ensembles, electro-acoustics and made sound recordings/ sound pieces for DR. Plays drums, radio and electricity. Kirstein is An active member of the SSSHHHHHŠ.. electro-acoustic sound-art bigband The Ghetto Blaster Ensemble since 2002. Collaborations: Sune T.B. Nielsen (ubass, sinus, elektronics); Jacob Kirkegaard (gtr./electronics); Rasmus Brandt (bass, feed); Sture Ericsson (sax) Jørgen Teller (gtr.), Peter Kyed (gtr.), Per Buhl Acs (gtr.); Jakob Draminsky Højmark (laptop); Rex Casswell UK (gtr.); Stuart Lynch (song, dance); Anders Elberling (pix); Anne-sophie Millet F (Oboe, reel-to-reel and radio ); Cyril Hory F (Oboe) Troels Holmstrøm (gtr.); Alain Wergifosse B/E (electronics); Jakob Riis (laptop); Johan Seegerberg (doublebass); Søren Gorm (bas/doublebass); Nicolas F. Kauffmann (gtr.), among others. Releases: DEAD EYE + Johan Segerberg: Issue at Hand; DEAD EYE: Optics Welcome; Insects: No-way Ticket; Lights Duo: I; Lights Duo: II; Lights People iii; Lights People iiii; Jørgen Teller and The Empty Stairs: Like a Crush + House of Rainbows. The Ghetto Blaster Ensemble box m. 7 "3 CD's. and more.

Harald me. Viuff is one of Denmark's leading musicians and installation artist working with self-built digital systems. Viuff's work is based on computer-controlled creations turning musical projects into innovative investigations into digital interface and the potential of spatial sound. Recently Viuff's work has been concentrated around fire fountains, water fountains, and ambisonic sound. He is a member of LAB / Komponent. He has worked with Per Oliver Jørgens, Ko De Regt (NL), Ole Rømer, Holger Laumann, Nils Jørgen Steen, Peter Thorup, Jan Kaspersen, David Moss (USA), "Bird Yak" (UK), Z'EV (NL), Loredana Celi (ITA), Steve Huback (WAILS), Peter Brötzmann (GDR), Chris Atton (UK), Øivind Weingade (N), Paul D. Burwell (UK), George Homsy (USA), Tineke Noordhoek (NL), Bastiaan Maris (NL), Barry Schwarts (USA), Zanstons (USA).
In addition, he has released numerous recordings, including: ITS MY HEAD JOY OF LIFE (URANIA) S; VIGOROSSO OBLEQUY (DANIC PAISTERY) USA; ITS MY HEAD THE DYNAMIC OF LOVE (URANIA) S; ATTON/ HUBBACK/ JUHL/WEINGAARDE/VIUFF SCHLEPPEDALER 1- (BAD ALCHEMY VOL 13) GDR MPX, Export CD for experimental music, DK; and VIUFF-JØRGENS-DE REGT CHATSUPTIME SPOOFCD 0001, DK. In 2003 Viuff received a grant from DJBFA (Danish Composers Union) for "Sorte striper" (Blask stripes), a real-time street noise -> music project.

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